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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Un Gato - Borges

A un Gato - Jorge Luis Borges

No son más silenciosos los espejos
ni más furtiva el alba aventurera;
eres, bajo la luna, esa pantera
que nos es dado divisar de lejos.
Por obra indescifrable de un decreto
divino, te buscamos vanamente;
más remoto que el Ganges y el poniente,
tuya es la soledad, tuyo el secreto.
Tu lomo condesciende a la morosa
caricia de mi mano. Has admitido,
desde esa eternidad que ya es olvido,
el amor de la mano recelosa.
En otro tiempo estás. Eres el dueño
de un ámbito cerrado como un sueño.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thunk Different moves to blogger for now...

iHave amassed 800,000+ visitors to the Thunkdifferent website on not bad. iThink I'm going to try and do it from blogger for awhile and see what happens. Good to be back in the Googleplex.

Apple updates i'm looking forward to:

4 core imac
snow leopard
nehamlem everything
apple gaming service (apple tv change up)

vamos a ver.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Thunk Differently.

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iThought that when iStarted Thunk Different iMight have something. iWanted to make something stylized, free, inna' word, "Different." continues to do just that.

The blog has introduced me to thousands of new people, blogs, and communities. It has also been a catalyst for learning new software, design, and networking skills. It has landed me on the front page of the Wall Street Journal Technology section, and of course let me unabashedly gush like this. Oh the geek in me.

So today is a thank you to all the readers, commentaries, and contributions to the Thunk Different Blog and what i hope to be strengthening relationship with the 2.0 weblogs community.

Thanks again, it's been a great year writing, learning, and thinking differently.